Holiday Closures for 2024

May 27th
May 28th – we will be open from 3:00 – 6:00
July 4th
September 2nd
November 28th and 29th
December 24th, 25th and 31st
January 1st, 2025

Cat Rooms

Find out more about our cat rooms below!

cat in bed

Cowboy Kennels Cat Room

Your cat is special to us, too. That’s why we’ve ensured a great stay for them.

  • Cat boarding is $34 a night.
  • Cats that board here at Cowboy Kennels are fed Hills Science Diet for Sensitive stomach.
  • We allow all cats out of their cage twice a day for exercise and playtime.
  • Our cat area has separate ventilation from our dog facility. On one wall there is a saltwater aquarium and on the other wall, we have a picture window with a garden. If you prefer we can open the middle for multiple cats or the top for a townhouse.
  • We offer extra playtimes at $1 per minute for our outside catio. 
Cowboy Kennels - Cat Room
cat boarding
cat room clean
Cowboy Kennels - Cat Room
Cowboy Kennels - Cat Room
cat head tilt