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January 1st, 2025

Pet Boarding Helpful Hints

Read below to see a list of helpful hints when boarding your pet!
dog being pet

We’re here to provide you with some helpful hints on pet boarding.

At Cowboy Kennels, we want your pet to get the best boarding experience! Please read the information we’ve put together below to ensure a smooth experience for you and your pet! Feel free to call us at 210-822-1166 for any other concerns you might have about your pet.

When choosing a boarding place:
  • Tour several kennels before boarding anywhere and ask the staff questions about the care your dog or cat will receive.
  • We offer tours at any time of the day. (If you plan to tour early in the morning, be prepared to experience some wild craziness because the dogs are excited due to being fed and having their outside time.
  • Make sure their vaccines are current at least 2 weeks prior to entering our facility. Trying to do last minute vaccines and trips to the veterinarian adds stress to the boarding experience, even for the calmest of animals.
Prior to your pets stay:
  • If your pet is a first time boarder: tell us so we can make sure they are adjusting well and monitor them closely.
  • Sign your pet up for an extra playtime the first full day to make their boarding experience a better transition if you are concerned about your pet not receiving enough attention.
  • Try boarding for just one night to see how they do away from their home prior to boarding them for consecutive evenings.
  • Bring a blanket or towel to place on the bed provided for your pet in order to offer them a familiar scent and added comfort.
During your pets stay:
  • You are welcome to call us or email us to see how your pet is doing. This will help give you peace of mind about your pet’s well being.
  • You can also call our on-call veterinarian Dr. Kirlin at 1-210-834-2217 for any after-hours related concerns/questions.
After your pets stay:
To ensure your pet goes home clean and pleasant smelling, sign them up for a bath or groom on the day they go home.